A pair of Red Shouldered Hawks
Red Shouldered Hawks
by Audubon

My name is Georgina and I live in the south of England. This website is to show my work for the Bronze Arts Award . The Bronze Arts Award is run by Trinity College London and the Arts Council England. The award lets you learn more about the art you are interested in.

I’m interested in birds in art, so I have chosen to do drawing and painting as my art form. I really like the pictures of John James Audubon (1785-1851) so I’m going to be studying his work.

I have to do five things for the arts award:

  1. Create my own pictures/artwork
  2. Review an art exhibition
  3. Research the work of an artist (I’m doing Audubon)
  4. Create a tutorial on an art technique
  5. Keep a record of my work – I am keeping a blog to do this.